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February 2010

Posted on: February 2nd, 2010 by Martek Pharmacal

KVK-Tech has announced a slight price increase on their Phentermine capsules and tablets. We should have enough product in stock to keep prices unchanged through this month. Usually when one manufacturer raises prices, the other manufacturers do the same. As mentioned last month, we had anticipated this and increased all of our Phentermine inventory.

We are completely out of stock of all strengths of Thyroid and do not expect to carry this product in the future. We are now carrying Levothyroxine (generic Synthroid) as the replacement for Thyroid. We are stocking 50mcg, 100mcg and 150mcg bottles of 100ct.

We now have a new Omega Fish Oil blend call Omega-Tek, which is available in bottles of 90ct. We are offering this new product at a discounted price, which is advertised on the front page of our January/February product flier.