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August 2008

Posted on: August 4th, 2008 by Martek Pharmacal

Actavis has expanded their “retail only” recall to all products that were manufactured at their Totowa, NJ plant. The “retail only” recall now includes all Phentermine and Phendimetrazine capsules and tablets. This “retail only” recall does not pose any health concerns for your patients, therefore, you can continue to dispense these medications. Actavis has confirmed that a “retail only” recall does not apply to dispensing physicians. However, if you purchased these Actavis products from us and do not wish to continue to dispense these medications, or would like a copy of the “retail only” recall letter from Actavis, please contact us at 866-839-4840. Actavis has not yet resumed production on any of their Phentermine or Phendimetrazine products. We will keep our customers advised as soon as information becomes available.

There is currently a shortage of Thyroid tablets in the U.S. due to problems with the raw material manufacturer. We do not expect to receive new product until September-October. We only have a limited supply of Thyroid 1/2 grain, 1 grain, and 3 grain tablets available.

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