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June 2008

Posted on: June 2nd, 2008 by Martek Pharmacal

Actavis has announced a recall on their Phentermine 30mg yellow capsules. The recall was due to out-of-specification assay results at different product stability time-points. This recall does not pose any health concerns for your patients. If you have already dispensed this medication to your patients, you do not need to contact them or have them return this medication. Your patients should continue to take the medication already in their possession. If you purchased the product from us and still have some inventory in stock, please contact me to discuss arrangements to return this product. There will be a temporary delay in the production of all Phentermine capsules by Actavis.

Two months ago another manufacturer, KVK-Tech, released the same product line of Phentermine as Actavis. Their Phentermine 15mg, 30mg, and 37.5mg were manufactured to look identical to the Actavis brand. We have toured the KVK-Tech facility and we are very comfortable that they can continue to meet the needs of our Phentermine customers. We have a large supply of the KVK-Tech brand of Phentermine currently in stock.

We will keep our customers advised on the Actavis production situation as information becomes available.